089.what is the matter with ما خطبك



  1. what is the matter with him ما خطبه
  2. what is the matter with your finger, it is bleeding ما خطب اصبعك انه ينزف
  3. what is wrong with this machine ماخطب هذه الالة
  4. what is wrong with you mom, you look so pale ما خطب امك تبدو شاحبة للغاية
  5. what is wrong with your car ما خطب سيارتك


your face is so pale, are you okay

وجهك شاحب هل انت بخير

no i have had a fever for a few days and i am sick to my stomach

ابدا لقد عانيت من الحمى لبضع أيام ومعدتي تؤلمني ايضا

what is the matter with you

ما خطبك

i think i have food poisoning

اعتقد انه تسمم غذائي

what do you think it was from

من أين تظن انه قادم

i had some raw seafood the other day at a japanese restaurant, maybe that was it

تناولت بعض الطعام النيء ذلك اليوم في مطعم ياباني ربما هو كان السبب

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