2. Saying Goodbye

Notes :

  • Exercise:
  • Think about a moment where, like an entrepreneur, you're leaving your job to start something new. Make a Conversation: Write a short talk where you say goodbye and talk about your new business journey. Use phrases like "Goodbye," "Good luck," "I'm starting my own business," or any other phrases relevant to your career transition
  1. 2.Saying Goodbye



Bye for now

See you

See you soon

See you later  

Talk to you later

Catch up with you later

I hope to see you soon

See you next time

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon

It was nice meeting you

It's been really nice knowing you

It’s been a pleasure, we’ll speak soon

It was really great to see you, catch you later

All the best, bye

Take care

Stay in touch

I’m really going to miss you

I’ve got to go now   

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