Notes :

  1. Are you sure…?
  • Choose a recent decision you made and write a paragraph explaining why you are sure about it.
  1. 001.Are you sure? 


Examples : 

  1. Are you sure ? 
  2. Are you sure about that ?   
  3. Are you sure of what you said... ?   
  4. Are you sure that he is not coming ?   


Dialogue :

I have had so many problems with my new car, it is driving me crazy.

Are you sure you don"t want to buy a new one?

How can I? I already spent a lot of money on this one.

I guess you will be spending a lot of money on repairs then.

I guess so, unless you want to buy the car.

No thanks, I don't think I'd to buy your car. It has too many problems.

I don’t blame you, it is a piece of junk!

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